Discipleship Resources

All these resources were developed as tools to assist in engaging non-believers, establishing truth, freedom and relationships in new believers, and equipping and empowering the saints to do the work of ministry. They are simple tools and cannot make a disciple, but can help you make one.

The One2One Translations

The One2One is a 12-lesson evangelism and discipleship tool to help you engage lost people and establish them in God.


R12 Each (One2One and EenTotEen)
R15 Each (Seul-A-Seul – French)
R18 Each (Um-A-Um – Portuguese)

Dear Cluster Leaders & Administrators

As you may already be aware, the Team at Every Nation Publications Southern Africa have developed the Every Nation Southern Africa One 2 One App which has, since its recent launch, been available at the Apple App Store at a cost of only R14.99. The App has been developed to support the One 2 One booklet, a ministry tool designed to help facilitate discipleship. Like the booklet, the App is also available in English, Afrikaans, French and Portuguese.


We would like to request your assistance in promoting the App to our Pastors and Administrators within your respective Clusters to reach the local congregations across the Region. Please click the link below to download the zip folder containing the One 2 One App Toolkit, which we have developed to support your marketing efforts. The Toolkit includes the following collateral:
  • One 2 One App Facebook image
  • One 2 One App A4 Poster_Trim
  • One 2 One App A4 Poster
  • One 2 One App Instagram image
  • One 2 One App slide (4×3)
  • One 2 One App slide (16×9)
  • One 2 One App Whatsapp image
To purchase One 2 One booklets or to get more information on the App, please contact Onia Nel at publications@enpta.co.za or call +27 12 807 3000.

One 2 One App Toolkit


The Purple Book

The Purple Book is a twelve-part Bible study designed to help new believers and longtime followers of Jesus to establish biblical foundations in their lives. Available in Afrikaans and English.


R34 Each.

The God Test

The God Test is designed to promote DIALOGUE on the critical questions surrounding FAITH, SKEPTICISM, and the PURPOSE of life. There are ten questions for both those who believe in God and those who do not.  Available in Afrikaans and English.


R85 (Sold in packs of 20).

The Engage Card

The Engage Card helps believers to deliberately and purposefully pray for lost people.


R30 for 20 Cards.

The Biblical Confessions Book

The Biblical Confessions Book is a guide to help you read and understand God’s Word, while providing you with Bible-based confessions in prayer format to help you confess God’s Word in you and your family’s lives.


R20 Each.

Preparing for Victory & Experiencing Victory Pack

The Victory Weekend Books prepare you to become free in Christ and walk in Victory, enabling you to live a free and victorious life.


R80 per pack.

Available from Every Nation Publications Southern Africa


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